About AidImpact

Our activity lies at the crossroads of three areas of expertise. These three specialties allow us to support our customers throughout the value chain involved in implementing our IT tools.

Editeur de logiciels

Software editor

We develop and sell our own software, ensuring that we have in-depth knowledge and total control of our products.

Experts en développement

Experts in the development sector

Thanks to our experience in the solidarity sector, we can design applications tailored to the sector’s practices.

Organisme de formation

Training organization

To ensure an efficient appropriation of our software solutions, we provide training that is recognized for its teaching methods.

Company Mission

We are development professionals with real on-the-ground experience in implementing and managing solidarity projects.                                                                                                        

AidImpact creates tools that are perfectly suited to managing projects run by organizations operating in the solidarity sector. Both simple and very specific, these tools use innovative technologies to facilitate information gathering and processing as well as reporting to donors and backers.

Starting point of the mission

AidImpact was born of its founders’ conviction that there was a real need for software specifically designed to meet the needs of organizations operating in the solidarity sector.

During their careers at a wide range of organizations involved in the fields of development and solidarity (NGOs, World Bank, United Nations and European Union), the AidImpact founders identified a lack of tools really suited to managing solidarity projects.

As a result, they decided to set up a company offering IT solutions specifically for the development context.

The first software package was the result of 18 months of R&D and involved more than ten experts, including a software architect, database experts and a memory optimization expert. This first solution and the others than followed improve the effectiveness of aid provided and increase and measure the effect of actions undertaken.

Since the company’s creation in 2006, AidImpact software has been rolled-out in more than 30 countries and is used by over 1,000 people.


The company AidImpact SAS was created in May 2006.

It does not ask for external capital and is independent of all industrial and financial groups.

The Team

Meet your points of contact at AidImpact:



Chairman and co-founder of AidImpact. An engineer by training, Pierre also has an MBA and has studied international cooperation and development issues. Over the last ten years he has implemented IT systems for the World Bank, governments, foundations and NGOs. He also designed the AidPortfolio platform.



Julie is in charge of administrative management, logistics and human resources. She has a social work diploma and eight years’ experience in the field, in an emergency reception center and then in a wide range of social work sectors. She is also involved in monitoring a number of projects.

Patrice Dufour

Patrice Dufour

Co-founder of AidImpact, Patrice brings more than 35 years of experience as a public service management and private sector development specialist to the company. After 24 years with the World Bank, he pursued a career as an independent consultant and led numerous missions for organizations such as the EU, USAID, UNDP and AFD. He has also coordinated numerous courses and seminars on project management, public service procurement, governance and the fight against corruption, public finance and administration, entrepreneurship and the development of the private sector..

Olivier NICOL

Olivier NICOL

Research and Development Engineer. Olivier coordinates the development and maintenance of applications offered by AidImpact. A graduate of Glyndŵr University in Wales, he has been specializing in web and Windows development using Microsoft technology for over ten years. Olivier is the technical point of reference within the development team.

Laetitia DELRIEU

Laetitia DELRIEU

Project manager in the international solidarity and sustainable development fields, Laetitia works on the development of clients' IT solutions. A graduate of the Grenoble Management College, she has seven years of experience in human resources, client support and project management. Laetitia brings cohesion to technical teams and enjoys a special relationship with users right from the start of the project. She is mainly involved in the operational side of matters.

Emmanuelle Blanc

Emmanuelle Blanc

Emmanuelle is in charge of customer support. She holds an engineering degree and worked for more than 4 years for a large software engineering company. Multi-skilled and mastering IT development, Emmanuelle works closely with our project managers and our development team.


We know the value of expertise, so we don’t hesitate to call on the expertise of others when we are working outside our field of experience. We have built up a network of qualified partners who support us in the technical, geographical, operational spheres.

Our current partners

We are pleased to have the support of:

Anne Willmes

Anne Willmes

We have been working with Anne, our partner for projects in Switzerland and, more recently, a number of other European countries, since 2009. A specialist in the international development of innovative companies, she graduated (master’s degree) from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. She spent over fifteen years working at several multinational companies, including SGS and Cotecna, where she was in charge of the development of innovative solutions at the international level. She has lived and worked in the United States, China, Russia, as well as France, Switzerland, Portugal and Cameroon.