Demonstrating your economic impact in 190 countries

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Measure the global economic footprint of your activity across 190 countries and 26 sectors.
The only software solution in the world that can offer a comprehensive evaluation of the impacts related to businesses’ purchases and consumption… in addition to those related to their production (employees, energy consumption, etc.).

Your needs

  • A growing need to measure economic footprint
  • A secure online solution
  • Recognized and effective methodology
  • Analyse your impact

Our solutions

    • Promote value creation in the territories where you operate (« In Country Value »)
    • Secure your business model (supply chain, license to operate, etc.)
    • Improve the perception of your company and the story-telling
    • Respond to new CSR requirements (ISO 26 000, GRI, Integrated Reporting, National Regulations)
    • You can access it through a browser with a login and a password: there is no need to install a software on your computer.
    • Access to the GlobalImpact tool is available through an annual fee and the creation of a dedicated account to manage your portfolio of analysis. The fee is calculated based on the volume of analysis you need and the perimeter of input countries.
    • The solution is hosted on a highly secured server managed by AidImpact.
    • GlobalImpact draws on the expertise of UTOPIES©, leader in the field of customized impact studies
    • GlobalImpact is based upon the EORA database modeling monetary flows in 189 countries and 26 trade sectors
    • Methodology based on Leontiev’s Input-Output Tables, Nobel Prize for Economics
    • An analysis takes only a few minutes, replacing several days of a consultant’s work
    • Several indicators are available: Production, Value added, FTE, etc.
    • Graphical and cartographic restitution: eg TOP 20 of countries impacted in a given sector, number of jobs created by sector in a country, etc.
    • You can export raw data to Excel and generate a summary report
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