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AlphaFolio is a ready-to-use solution to easily manage solidarity and development projects from the initial selection up to the final evaluation.
AlphaFolio is a result of our 10 years experience developing software for the development, humanitarian and social sectors, and has been designed with the best practices of these sectors in mind.

Your needs

  • Manage projects and activities
  • Plan and monitor budgets
  • Monitor, evaluate and reports
  • Configure the software in autonomy

Our solutions

    • Identify projects to finance: evaluation matrices, instruction process
    • Follow relations with stakeholders
    • Manage the logical framework and monitor project indicators
    • Track important dates: progress reports, activities & deliverables
    • Pilot budgets per year, partner, country, etc.
    • Monitor commitments and links with budget lines
    • Plan and track disbursements and balances of projects
    • Manage various currencies and exchange rates
    • Aggregate program indicators
    • Analyze your portfolio according to different criteria: category, country, etc.
    • Follow fundings (per source, allocation, country, etc.)
    • Export graphic data in one click
    • Store all types of documents and organize document storage
    • Enjoy a multilingual solution available in French and English
    • Manage user profiles (rights, language, theme, etc.)
    • Customize categories
    • Import existing data with a bulk import module
    • Customize and activate optional features
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