Project monitoring and evaluation

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The AidM&E solution helps you set up your M&E system.
It offers design and organization of the M&E mechanism, auditable and secure data collection, management of M&E activities, data analysis, results reporting and enhanced project management in line with measured results.

Your needs

  • Adopt a management approach to formulate your project
  • Structure the monitoring & evaluation system
  • Data collection
  • Analyze, manage and report

Our solutions

    • Structure your project using the logical framework, results-based management (RBM) and other good practices proposed by leading donors
    • Plan and budget activities to implement
    • Manage the schedule of actions to undertake
    • Identify the various stakeholders and their expectations in terms of monitoring & evaluation
    • Identify and standardize the elements to be monitored and evaluated (result and objectives to be taken into account) as well as links to tools already in place (i.e. annual work plan and budget, procurement plan, etc.)
    • Define the indicators to collect and the collection processes
    • Collect data using the right tools: PDF forms, Word documents, Android applications and SMS
    • Send reminders in line with the defined data collection frequency
    • Check and validate data consistency before importing into a centralized solution
    • Interpret your data in a variety of ways: by result, indicator, collection period, etc.
    • Track summary indicators so you can quickly identify trends and improve the decision-making process
    • Generate and transmit technical and financial reports to the various stakeholders
    • Organize events to present your results
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