Stakeholder engagement

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This solution helps you to manage your engagement with your stakeholders by identifying and handling their concerns in order to sustain your social licence to operate.

Your needs

  • Stakeholder management
  • Concern and grievance management
  • Risk and compliance management
  • Follow-up, evaluation and monitoring

Our solutions

    • Classify and map stakeholders by sector, importance/influence and expectations
    • Link individuals to organizations
    • Track all interactions (consultations and actions)
    • Import data collected on the field
    • Collect grievances using PDF forms or from your website
    • Track all issues, concerns, complaints and grievances
    • Monitor commitments (in-kind or financial) within deadlines thanks to alerts
    • Follow grievances resolution steps
    • Monitor engagements and compliance commitments
    • Demonstrate compliance easily in case of audit
    • Track requirements from authorities and comply to international standards
    • Generate accurate and customizable reports
    • Measure the effectiveness of your commitments
    • Communicate on your actions and their impacts
    • Display information on maps
    • Save important documents in the solution
    • Import reports of field workers
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