Our expertise

We draw on the very best of our skills so we can respond accurately to your needs. The scope of our solutions is therefore very wide-ranging.

Editeur de logiciel

Software editor

We develop and sell our own software, ensuring that we have in-depth knowledge and total control of our products.

Experts du secteur du développement

Experts in the development sector

Thanks to our experience in the solidarity sector, we can design applications tailored to the sector’s practices.

Organisme de formation

Training organization

To ensure an efficient appropriation of our software solutions, we provide training that is recognized for its teaching methods.

Le champ d’action

Our field of action

Our solutions cover the entire life cycle of a project. This means that we offer you operational solutions for every stage of your activities.

Software editor

Software design is at the core our business. We have an in-house team of developers in charge of design.


We use proven methodology to adapt our products to your needs and assist you throughout the deployment of our solutions.

Needs assessment

At the project launch stage, we work with you to draw up an analysis of your needs. We identify the business processes to integrate and specific characteristics of your operational mode, ensuring that we only offer the features you need.


Application settings

We configure the solution to meet your demands. We can create user profiles with a specific interface, configure data display and, if necessary, change data structure to suit your needs.


Data transfer

We handle formatting and importing of existing data in the new application. We then check that the imported data are all usable.


Deployment and training

Even a perfect software solution cannot function if the users do not understand it.  Once our solution is deployed, we teach key users and administrators how to use it.


User support & maintenance

During the months following delivery of the product, our team remains available to adjust the application to suit your needs perfectly. We then offer telephone and email support so we can respond quickly and effectively to your requests.


Our activity frequently leads us to deal with sensitive or confidential information. We fully understand the difficulty that disclosure of this data can represent for our customers.

We therefore undertake to treat all confidential information as such and not to disclose it without consent. A non-disclosure agreement formalizes this commitment to our customers.


The AidImpact solutions are modular and flexible. We adapt the technical features of our applications to best fit your activities.

Gestion de rôles/profils

One single tool

All the necessary features are combined in a single program.


Gestion de rôles/profils

Modular and scalable

We are constantly developing a range of new features and our solutions are constantly evolving to offer additional modules.


Gestion de rôles/profils

Modern et user friendly

Our new softwares have been redesigned to more closely mirror Office 2013 and are now even more ergonomic and easy to use.

Gestion de rôles/profils

Security and privacy

Data is stored securely on a shared or dedicated database and data exchanges are secure. Backup and recovery mechanisms are provided as standard.


Gestion de rôles/profils

Various deployment modes

Access to the application can be adapted to different work environments. We offer various installation possibilities for use at head offices and in the field that reflect their access to computer tools and an Internet connection as well as your processes.


Gestion de rôles/profils


Solutions can be deployed in multiple languages (English, Spanish, etc.) as you require.


Gestion de rôles/profils

User profile management

Not all users will have access to the same features. To ensure efficiency, security and privacy, we offer the option of defining different types of access for users.

Experts in the development sector

Our softwares are specifically designed for the development and solidarity sectors.

Expertise based on experience

AidImpact has a solid track record and its software solutions have been successfully rolled-out with a wide range of clients.

We benefit both from the experience of AidImpact’s founders in the development sector and the experience our team has built up in implementing solutions for the sector’s stakeholders.

Over the course of their working lives, our AidImpact experts have developed skills in the areas described below.

An extensive professional network

AidImpact is at the heart of a wide-ranging and varied professional network. Members include consulting firms, independent consultants and academics.

This network provides us with a source of sector-specific, geographical and theme-based expertise we can call on when needed for a specific mission.

Training organization

AidImpact is convinced that action cannot be effective without significant investment in capacity building. Our software is simple to learn, but training and support can accelerate the appropriation process.

As demonstrated by their CVs, the AidImpact experts have, throughout their working lives, combined operational experience with an educational focus. This has resulted in the organization of a large number of training and educational exercises to build the capacity of the people they work with.

Fields of action

Our goal is to develop a truly effective and functional solution. This is why we work hand in hand with you from data collection right through to reporting. Our work is structured around your projects’ three major phases.

Collecte de données

Data collection

  • SMS
  • Web forms
  • Word / Excel / PDF
  • Emails
Planification et pilotage

Planning and Monitoring

  • Logical framework
  • Planning
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
Reporting et communication

Reporting and communication

  • Report generation
  • Dashboards
  • Indicators
  • Targeted communication