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Solutions tailored to your industry

We work with many clients involved in the social,
development and humanitarian sectors


Development agency

Development agency, development project, …

Non For profit

Non Profit

NGOs, foundations, philanthropy, …

Agence de développement​


Companies, banks, CSR, etc.

We are commited to implementing an effective and truly functional solution.
That’s why we intervene from the collection of data, to accompany until the reporting.Our intervention is structured around three main stages of your projects

Collecte de données par AidImpact


Planification et pilotage par AidImpact


Reporting et communication par AidImpact


Our news

PRESENTATION OF THE AIDIMPACT COMPANY Since 2006, AidImpact have been developing solutions aimed at facilitating the management of social, humanitarian and development …

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Expertise based on experience :

AidImpact has a strong track record and its software solutions have been successfully deployed to a wide range of customers. We benefit from both the experience of the founders of AidImpact in the development sector and the experience that our team has accumulated in implementing solutions for actors in the sector.

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