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Software serving humanity

We work with several clients involved in the social, development or humanitarian sectors 

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    Development agencies
    Development agencies, development projects, etc.
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    NGOs, public authorities, philanthropists, etc.
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    Companies, banks, foundations, CSR, etc.

Our AidPortfolio solution helps you and partners manage your projects through all phases of the project cycle, from initial selection to final evaluation. AidPortfolio‘s unique project monitoring tools help you track your tasks, processes and key performance indicators by individual project and collectively accross your portfolio

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About AidImpact

AidImpact was born of its founders’ conviction that there was a real need for software specifically designed to meet the needs of organizations operating in the solidarity sector. During their careers at a wide range of organizations involved in the fields of development and solidarity (NGOs, World Bank, United Nations and European Union), the AidImpact founders identified a lack of tools really suited to managing solidarity projects. As a result, they decided to create AidImpact

 Since the company’s creation in 2006, AidImpact software has been rolled-out in more than 50 countries and is used by thousands of people.


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    Software editor
    We develop and sell our own software, ensuring that we have in-depth knowledge and total control of our products.
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    Experts in the development sector
    Thanks to our experience in the solidarity sector, we can design applications tailored to the sector’s practices.
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    Training organization
    To ensure an efficient appropriation of our software solutions, we provide training that is recognized for its teaching methods.

Expertise based on experience

AidImpact has a solid track record and its software solutions have been successfully rolled-out with a wide range of clients. We benefit both from the experience of AidImpact’s founders in the development sector and the experience our team has built up in implementing solutions for the sector’s stakeholders.

Our address

77, allée de Brienne
31000 Toulouse - FRANCE   
Phone: +33 5 31 98 59 15 

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