Project management

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AidPortfolio helps you and partners manage your projects through all phases of the project cycle, from initial selection to final evaluation.
AidPortfolio‘s unique project monitoring tools help you track your tasks, processes and key performance indicators by individual project and collectively accross your portfolio.

Your needs

  • Manage projects and activities
  • Plan and monitor budgets
  • Manage relations with stakeholders
  • Monitor, evaluate and publish data

Our solutions

    • Identify projects to finance
    • Fill in the logical framework for implemented projects
    • Generate schedules and reverse schedules for your activities
    • Monitor the technical, administrative and financial progress of your projects
    • Plan and monitor your projects’ commitments and disbursements
    • Manage the various currencies and exchange rates
    • Manage the provisional budget by year, partner, country, etc.
    • Consolidate information with your accounting system
    • Manage and classify the contacts involved in your projects
    • Manage and communicate with your network
    • Keep a record of interactions with stakeholders
    • Define qualitative and quantitative indicators
    • Collect and compile indicators: using PDF forms, web forms, SMS, etc.
    • Check and validate data consistency
    • Generate reports (strategic, operational, monitoring, etc. )
    • Create interactive maps
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