Contact management

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AidCRM offers several tools to manage your contacts and interact with them.

Your needs

  • Organize your contacts
  • Communicate
  • Interact
  • Monitor and evaluate

Our solutions

    • Flexible and modular forms to organize your contacts (categories, sectors, size, importance, etc.)
    • Customizable workflows
    • Group management
    • Due diligence modules
    • Multi-criteria search
    • Document management
    • Planning and execution of communication campaigns
    • Mass mailings of personalized emails
    • Newsletters management
    • Sending/receiving SMS
    • Mail generation
    • Request management : reception (import from PDF form), evaluation,  assignment, tracking (with alerts)
    • Event management : invitation, confirmation, reminder, fees, etc.
    • Project management : description, important dates, budget, activities, indicators
    • Customizable alerts
    • Analysis of your activities with contacts
    • Dashboards with export functionality to PowerPoint
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